Substation Key Box

CSI’s Substation Box assures and verifies access only to those employees with company specified security clearance. The system is designed to provide a secure and verifiable method of access through integration to an existing access control system. The Substation Key Box is made of a heavy duty construction, weather-tight and attachable to a fence line, a pole, or to buildings as necessary.

  • Features
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Weather-tight box
  • HID or Indala Card Reader
  • Verifiable access through integration to access control system
  • Access to 4 or 8 color coded key ring sets inside box
  • LED lights indicate proper insertion of key ring back into box
  • Monitored door provides alarm if intrusion occurs
  • Attachable to fence line, pole, or building
  • Accessories
  • No-Climb Cowling
  • Fence Mounting Plate
  • Pole Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting Hardware

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