Cellular Boosting

Cellular communication within a facility is critical from a safety perspective. It is essential for Emergency 911 calls and for reporting inappropriate activity or hazardous incidence. It is also critical for new business development and maintaining existing customers. Do not let bad cellular coverage at your facility hinder the growth of your company. Emergency response must be immediate and sure. CSI installs solutions for excellent cellular coverage.

Wireless Solutions

Emerging technologies have expanded the capabilities of a well-designed wireless system to support specific needs at single or multiple sites. New high bandwidth, stable yet still inexpensive systems can provide reliable connectivity to any device at almost any distance. We no longer have to trench in cable to connect systems. We install a small wireless system and are connected to a remote location in just hours.

Mass Notification

In emergencies employees need to be directed to prepared exits or shelters. Mass notification relays the information and delivers real time instructions to employees, visitors and customers of the safest and most secure location.

Structured Cabling

With the rapid growth of IP enabled devices, A well designed and installed cabling plant is critical. Attention must be given to the installation practices and methods. The terminations need to be reviewed and industry specified testing must be conducted. These are the foundations of a well designed and installed cabling infrastructure. Do not let poor cabling slow down your network, security and surveillance systems. Any system is only as strong as the weakest link. Our RCDD certified designers ensure the cabling system is fully tested and approved by current standard. CSI can guarantee that the cabling infrastructure will not be a hindrance to the proper operation of your security system.

Innovative Security Designed to Suit

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Communication Support is a security systems integrator serving our customers with excellence and integrity since 1987. Our tradition is delivering high value security solutions with a focus on commercial space, insuring business continuity through great design, installation and on-going support.

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