CCTV Cameras

Whether analog or IP cameras, both have a place in today's market. IP cameras, however, make up over 50% of all camera sales, 90% of all new system sales. IP's provide advantages over the standard analog cameras such as increased camera resolution, remote focus, advanced analytics at the camera and further diagnostics. Current analog cameras have increased resolution to rival the lower end of the IP camera selection; they are inexpensive and can be used in an existing analog system. Additional factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct camera for each situation and location. For instance, the cameras ability to stand up to harsh environments is an important consideration, cost and manufacturers overall product offerings are critical factors as well. CSI partners with manufacturers that provide a broad and complete product line in the industry so each customer's specific needs are met.

CCTV recording devices

Currently all threat incidences captured on a CCTV system are analyzed and reviewed forensically. Thus it is imperative that the recording device offers reliability and is easy to use. Identifying the correct recording device is difficult. After discussions with the end user, a CSI customer analysis will quickly and accurately provide feature-rich recorder solutions that balance customer need with cost and standard features such as centralized or distributed storage, server or box recording system, assisted review of footage, picture enlargement, long-time storage, emailing features, connections to smart devices and so much more.

Thermal cameras

The thermal camera technology may not be needed across the board, but can be critical to an installation where remote detection of objects is imperative. This type of camera produces higher resolution images that allow its analytics to identify a threat and determine its viability prior to alarming personnel. This type of camera is becoming a more vital part of a comprehensive security package.

Video management

Video management systems (VMS) are the administrative tool of the complete video system and provide much more than the traditional viewing and replaying of video streams. It is the management portal for all the video components; such as assigning viewing rights to end users, setting the recording parameters for individual components, defining alarm conditions and reporting structures, and much more. A VMS provides value to the end user by allowing administrator authorized individuals to perform their job by providing real time or forensic analysis of the video. With a correctly designed VMS, the system administrator is able to prevent viewing or access to confidential areas. Importantly, it frees up the administrators time by allowing other authorized individuals to safely perform functions previously performed only by the system administrator. Communication Support is a certified installer for MaxPro, the Honeywell Video Management Surveillance System.

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